Our Guarantee

We guarantee our plants NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM! This means things like pets, insects, hail, freezes, over/under watering are all covered (for 50%). If your tree dies within the guarantee period, use the guarantee, no questions asked. We will try to help you figure out what happened so it’s not an ongoing issue. We offer two warranty length options for our customers who purchase at the retail level. Why do we warranty for 50%?  We will cover any cause of failure, so things like weather and diseases which are both out of our control.  We also can’t care for them once they leave the nursery.  It’s up to you to make sure they get the proper care they need to establish and thrive. So for the lengthy of your warranty, we are in it together.  See below for details on the one and two year options, along with our our independent contractor tree planters warranty their planting service. 


Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery LLC guarantees the plants we sell will be viable for one full year from the date of purchase or we will replace them for 50% of the list price, no matter what happens to them. No refunds/Store Credit. 50% of the original plant’s list price will be applied towards a new plant of equal or greater value of the plant being replaced. If the replacement plant is less in value than the one being replaced, you can purchase it for 50% of the lesser list price. You do not have to bring the original plant back to the nursery. Please bring in a photo of the plant to redeem your guarantee. Annuals, Vegetables, Patio Pots (with annuals/perennials), Pumpkins, Wreaths, Garland, Centerpieces, and Cut Christmas Trees do not have a replacement guarantee.


The same terms of our ONE-YEAR Guarantee listed above, but extended for a second year with only these two requirements:

  1. The plants must be planted by Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery LLC trained/approved professional planters (Independent Contractors), and
  2. Plants must be planted using sufficient Mykes (mycorrhizae growth supplement) purchased at the time you purchase your plants. Keep proof of purchase of plants and Mykes for two years.


Any plant material or other items purchased from us that have not been picked up can be refunded for the full purchase price within 7 days of the purchase date. After 7 days from the purchase date, regardless if the plant material has left the nursery, store credit ONLY will be issued and will be charged a 10% cancellation/restocking fee. Any plants that left the nursery must be returned in perfect condition, which is determined by one of our team members. Purchases made with cash or check will be refunded by check within 10 days after the original purchase. The original check must clear our bank first. Purchases made by credit card will be refunded to the card used to make the original purchase.


The planting companies are Independent Contractors. If a tree/plant dies within 6 months of the planting date, they will cover 50% of the per tree/plant planting price, but not less than half of the current year’s planting minimum. The replacement plant must be going into the same hole. If a new planting area is selected then the planting cost will be full price. There is no guarantee for planting charges on trees that die after six months. Delivery, Special Access, and Difficult Site charges are not guaranteed.



Colorado Tree Farm Nursery is in the business of producing and selling nursery stock. Customers are always free to locate and use their own delivery and planting service, but for your convenience, customers may choose to utilize the delivery and planting companies recommended by HCTFN. Those recommended companies are independent contractors and have no affiliation or association with HCTFN. They are not employed by, partners of, nor are they joint-ventures of our nursery. They are recommended to our customers as they have completed certain training as it relates to planting trees and shrubs, have histories of dependable service, and have met certain insurance requisites. Customers are always free to investigate the delivery and planting companies recommended by HCTFN, and should they agree to one of those companies they will pay them directly for their services.