Other Products

As the nursery has grown we have added some new lines of product. We have always sold things that are good for plants. Below is a general list of the products you will find at our nursery.

Fertilizers: Whether you are needing to feed your lawn or your landscape we got you covered. We carry a wide variety of options to suit your needs.

Soil Amendments/Mulch: From putting in a lawn, to planting anything we sell, we have the soil amendment that is right for your soil(s). This is one of the most critical parts to successful gardening so don’t skimp on this step! Several bagged mulch varieties are also now in stock.


Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, and other Pest repellents: Little critters like different plants. We have a very effective line of products that will protect your investment from those little pests that might do harm. We also carry products to protect or kill fungi and bacteria that may be giving your plants grief, including a new fungicide for Fire Blight. Weed killers are also on hand.

Planting Supplies: We carry all the supplies you need to plant your trees and shrubs yourself if you choose. We carry staking material including heavy duty stakes, nylon tree straps, and tree rope to secure your new plants. Otherwise you could have them professionally planted for just a little more money, and that cost includes all the material, and the labor!


We have a tool for you to help identify and control a variety of pests in your lawn and garden
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