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  • Ash, Autumn Applause

    Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Applause’ Ht 30-40 ft, Spd 20-25 ft. Full sun to part shade. Low to moderate water needs. Autumn Applause is an outstanding white ash cultivar known to be seedless for the past 30 years. Purple leaves in the Fall covering a tight, narrow crown, make this tree a perfect selection for color and habit.

  • Ash, Autumn Purple

    Fraxinus Americana ‘Autumn Purple’ Ht 40-60 ft, Spd 30-40 ft. Tolerates full sun, low to moderate water needs. Heavy green foliage in summer with purple fall color holding well until after frost. Vigorous, rapid growth.

  • Ash, Cardinal Royal Mountain

    Sorbus aucuparia ‘Michred’ (pp3114) Ht 20-30 ft, Spd 15-20 ft. Full sun to part shade, low to moderate water needs. Attractive, dark green pinnately compound leaves with silvery undersides. Creamy white flowers borne in 2-3” wide corymbs in May are followed by showy clusters of brilliant red fruit. Upright growth habit.

  • Ash, Cimmaron

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica‘Cimmzam’ Ht 40-50 ft, Spd 25-30 ft. Full sun to part shade, low water needs (xeric). Narrow when young, with upright branches forming an oval canopy. Cimmarron is seedless and has excellent summer foliage and orange-red fall color.

  • Ash, Marshall

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Marshall’ Ht. 50-60 ft., Spd. 25-35 ft. Full sun to part shade. Low water needs (xeric). A broad oval tree when mature with dark glossy green foliage turning radiant yellow in the fall. Transplants readily into a wide range of soils.

  • Ash, Native Mountain

    Sorbus scopulina Ht 15-20 ft, Spd 18-20 ft. Full sun, low to moderate water needs. A small, dense tree or large shrub, native to the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains. Medium green pinnately compounded leaves. Small, fragrant, white flowers, in rounded clusters, bloom in early summer. Shiny red fruits mature in late summer and persist into winter if they are not eaten by the birds.

  • Ash, Oak Leaf Mountain

    Sorbus hybrid Ht 25-30 ft, Spd 20 ft. Full sun to part shade, low to moderate water needs. The Oak Leaf Mountain ash is named after its dark green leaves that are lobed much like an oak leaf. The leaves will turn red to orange in the fall. White flowers appear in spring followed by clusters of red fruit. This tree is resistant to leaf scorch and fireblight.

  • Ash, Patmore

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Patmore’ Ht 50-60 ft, Spd 25-35 ft. Full sun to part shade, low water needs (xeric). This variety is remarkable for its’ hardiness and tolerance of widely differing growing conditions. Has well spaced branches on erect growing trunk. Seedless.

  • Ash, Prairiespire

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Rugby’ Ht 45 ft, Spd 20 ft. Full sun to part shade, low to moderate water needs. Dense, upright, and narrowly pyramidal in mature form. This tree comes from a very hardy northern plains seed source. Yellow fall color.

  • Ash, Single Leaf

    Fraxinus anomala Ht 10-18 ft, Spd 10-15 ft. Full sun, low water needs (xeric). A small tree or large shrub native to the Southwest. Characterized by rounded, thick, leathery simple to occasionally compounded leaves. Produces a tan samara fruit in late summer to fall. Tolerant of poor soils and dry conditions.

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