Planting and Delivery

We are currently suspending delivery/planting service to most areas outside of El Paso County. We will go as far north as Larkspur and Elbert.  We can still get quotes for delivery through local freight companies, but it would not be done by our Independent  Planting Companies. We will consider planting trees for orders of 8 trees or more outside of those areas on a case by case basis.  We will re-visit this later this summer, but as a result of increased demand and operating efficiencies we need to keep the crews closer to the nursery.  Thanks for understanding.  We will still honor any planting/delivery jobs that are already scheduled or trees still covered under our guarantee.  

Planting and Delivery is available through planting/delivery companies. They have the equipment/experience necessary to plant and handle your trees and plants correctly. Planting is hard work, and some of our trees can weigh over 1500lbs. Let these guys take the hard work out of beautifying your yard. Planting/delivery is payable at the time of service to the planting/delivery company. Prices for difficult site conditions will be negotiated between you and the planting/delivery company.  See below for site access requirements.

Colorado Tree Farm Nursery is in the business of producing and selling nursery stock.  Customers are always free to locate and use their own delivery and planting service, but for your convenience, customers may choose to utilize the delivery and planting companies recommended by HCTFN.  Those recommended companies are independent contractors and have no affiliation or association with HCTFN.  They are not employed by, partners of, nor are they joint-ventures of our nursery.  They are recommended to our customers as they have completed certain training as it relates to planting trees and shrubs, have histories of dependable service, and have met certain insurance requisites.  Customers are always free to investigate the delivery and planting companies recommended by HCTFN, and should they agree to one of those companies they will pay them directly for their services.

2020 Planting/Delivery Companies
Shades of Green Ltd  Curtis Smith 

Summit View Ryan Hollamby 


Includes digging the hole, required soil amendments, metal T-posts, planting straps, utility locates, and FREE delivery of the tree being planted. Additional trees can be delivered for $12 per tree, $60 per tree for evergreen trees 10′ and over and deciduous trees 4″ or over. Minimum planting charges will not be less than $50 over the delivery charge for your area. Please allow 3 working days for utility locates (required by law). Please notify if there are any irrigation lines that may be in the dig area. They are not liable for private lines. Charges are negotiated for difficult site conditions. Charges are payable COD to the Planting Company.

When planting in Castle Rock, Parker, Cripple Creek, or Pueblo a $50 travel fee will be added to each planting address. A $100 travel fee will be added to addresses in Denver (includes most surrounding suburbs).



Are per load, as many trees, shrubs, perennials, etc that will fit. After the 3rd B&B tree, $12 per tree, $60 per tree for evergreen trees 10′ and over and deciduous trees 4″ and over will be added to the charges listed in the link below. A load includes 50 #1 or 25 #3/#5 Shrubs, Perennials, Grasses. Add $10 for every additional 25 #1s and 10 #3/#5s.  Delivery includes setting B&B trees in the hole, if the hole is the right size (not too deep or shallow), otherwise it is set next to the hole. Container shrubs/perennials/grasses will be set in one location. Extra charges may apply if holes need to be dug deeper or wider. If you do not see your area listed below, please ask for a quote. Charges will be negotiated for difficult site conditions with the planting/delivery companies.


Access for Planting and Delivery.  Please view the PDF below to see info regarding the access needed to plant and deliver your new trees.   If you aren’t sure based on the info below please take some pictures and email them or bring them in.  We can assist you in picking the right size so they can be planted/delivered safely.

A 10% restocking fee (based on the list price of the tree/plant) will be charged on all trees cancelled or returned after the trees are loaded for your job. This includes trees that can’t be planted/delivered based on access, digging conditions, or changes you make.