Planting and Delivery

Planting and Delivery is available through planting/delivery companies. They have the equipment/experience necessary to plant and handle your Colorado tree and nursery stock correctly. Planting is hard work, and some of our trees can weigh over 1000lbs. Let these guys take the hard work out of beautifying your yard. Sit back and enjoy! Planting/delivery is payable at the time of service to the planting/delivery company. Prices for difficult site conditions will be negotiated between you and the planting/delivery company.


Includes digging the hole, required soil amendments, metal T-posts, planting straps, utility locates, and FREE delivery of the Colorado tree being planted. Additional trees can be delivered for $7 per tree. Minimum planting charges will not be less than $25 over the delivery charge for your area. Please allow 3 working days for utility locates (required by law). Please notify if there are any irrigation lines that may be in the dig area. They are not liable for private lines. Charges are negotiated for difficult site conditions.


Are per load, as many Colorado trees, shrubs, perennials, etc that will fit. After the 3rd B&B tree, $7 per tree will be added to the charges listed below. Delivery includes setting B&B trees in the hole, if the hole is the right size (not too deep or shallow), otherwise it is set next to the hole. Extra charges may apply if holes need to be dug deeper or wider. If you do not see your area listed below, please ask for a quote. Charges will be negotiated for difficult site conditions with the planting/delivery companies. At this time we are able to ship plants almost anywhere in the US if the order is large enough. Check with us for details.