New Arrivals

Starting in late July we will start to bring in new trees. You can check here to see what has come in or call us to see what we have in inventory. Shrubs, Perennials, and Ornamental Grasses are still arriving weekly.

July 20th   2-2.25″ Shademaster Honeylocust, #25 Autumn Blaze Maple, #25 Spring Snow Crab Apple

July 22nd  2.5″ Patmore Ash, 2.5″ Summit Ash, #25 Chanticleer Pear, #25 Montmorency Cherry, #30 Amur Maple, #30 Tatarian Maple, 6-8′ Cistena Plum, 2-2.5″ Canada Red Chokecherry, 2-2.5″ Nursery Grown Quaking Aspen

July 29th 6-8′ Colorado Spruce

July 31st  2-2.5″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 2-2.5″ Shademaster Honeylocust ,2-2.5″ Imperial Honeylocsut, 2″ Hotwings Tatarian Maple, 6-7′ Hotwings Tatarian Maple Clump, 2.5″ Sensation Maple, 1.75″ Red Barron Crabapple

August 4th #25 Autumn Blaze Maple, Spring Snow Crab, Perfect Purple Crab, Chanticleer Pear

August 5th 8-10′ Colorado Spruce, 6-9′ Baby Blue Spruce, 6-7′ Blue Totem Spruce, #20 Nursery Grown Aspen Clumps, 1.75″ Sensation Maple

August 11th  10-15′ Ponderosa Pine

August 14th  10-13′ Ponderosa Pine

August 16th 6-9′ Colorado Spruce, 5-6′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, 6-7′ Fat Albert Spruce

August 25th  #20 Vanderwolf Pine, #20 Black Hills Spruce, #10 Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, #10 ‘The Blues’ Spruce (a weeping variety)

August 28th #25 Autumn Blaze Maple, Perfect Purple Crab, Spring Snow Crab, Chanticleer Pear, Sensation Maple, 2.5″ Patmore Ash, 2″ Imperial Honeylocust, 2″ Shademaster Honeylocust, 2″ Skyline Honeylocust

September 1st 6-9′ Baby Blue Spruce, 6-8′ Blue Totem Spruce, 9-12′ Colorado Spruce

September 8th  2-2.5″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 1.75-2.25″ Hotwings Tatarian Maple, 2-2.5″ Amur Flame Maple, #30 Princeton Gold Ginko, #25 Greenspire Linden, #15 Shademaster Honeylocust

September 12th  #25 Perfect Purple Crabapple, 1.5-1.75″ Spring Snow Crabapple

September 14th  11-12′ Colorado Spruce, 5-7′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, 6-7′ Bakeri Spruce, 5-6′ Blue Totem Spruce, 6-7′ Fat Albert Spruce

September 19th 6-7′ Ponderosa Pine, 6-7′ Pinon Pine

September 21st 2-2.5″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2-2.5″ Canada Red Chokecherry

September 29th 2-2.5″ Autumn Purple Ash, 2.25″ Patmore Ash, 2″ Skyline Honeylocust, 6′ Totem Spruce

October 2nd   #25 Autumn Blaze Maple

October 6th  6-9′ Baby Blue Spruce

October 13th  2.5″ Autumn Blaze Maple

October 16th 6-7′ Totem Spruce, 5-6′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, 6-8′ Colorado Spruce

October 18th 2″ Patmore Ash, 2.5″ Autumn Purple Ash

October 20th  1.75-2.5″ Nursery Grown Aspen

October 21st 6-7′ Pinon Pine

October 25th 6-9′ Pinon Pine

October 31st  8-10′ Ponderosa Pine