New Arrivals

Throughout the summer we will continue to receive many trees. We will post here what comes in. As always give us a call (leave a voicemail if you get the recording) or swing by to see what's in stock.

June 1st 6′-12′ Lodgepole Pine, 6′-8′ Ponderosa Pine

June 10th 6′-8′ Pinon Pine, 7′-9′ Ponderosa Pine

June 14th 6′-9′ Ponderosa Pine, #25 Autumn Blaze Maple, #25 Spring Snow Crabapple, 2″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 2″ Radiant Crabapple, 2″-2.5″ Red Delicious Apple, 2.5″-3″ Yellow Delicious Apple, 2″-2.5″ Montmorency Cherry, 2.5″ Sensation Maple

June 16th 6′-8′ Pinon Pine

June 17th #25 Spartan Juniper (8′ range)