New Arrivals

The summer season is upon us. We have 1000s of trees on order with our amazing growers. Here we will post what has come in as we bring in our summer stock.

June 4th 5-7′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, 5-6′ Baby Blue Spruce, 4-6′ Totem Spruce, #20 Aspen Clumps, 6-7′ Vanderwolf’s Pine, 6-7′ Iseli Fastigate Spuce

June 6th 1.5-2.5″ Aspen

June 6th 6-8′ Ponderosa Pine

June 13th 5-10′ Pinon Pine

June 14th Container Braeburn Apple, Red Delicious Apple, Red Fuji Apple, Zestar Apple, Tall Hedge Buckthorn, Fine Line Buckthorn, Indian Magic Crab, Spring Snow Crab, #15 Autumn Blaze Maple, #15 Sienna Glen Maple, #15 Spring Snow Crabapple, #15 Sensation Maple, #10 Elberta Peach, 2″ Autumn Purple Ash, 2.5″ Summit Ash, 1.5″ Quaking Aspen Culmp, 2″ Gala Apple, 2″ Red Delicious Apple, 2″ Yellow Delicious Apple

June 18th 7-9′ Fat Albert Spruce, 7-7.5′ Baby Blue Spruce, #25 Aspen Clumps (1.75″-2″)