New Arrivals

Weather permitting, in a few short weeks the 2020 dig season will be underway. Below we will list what we receive each day. Check back often as we will receive 1000s of trees over the next 3 months. You can also call and be placed on our call lists if there is something specific you are looking for.

January 15th 2″ Royalty Crabapple, 2.5″-3″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2″-2.5″ Canada Red Chokecherry

January 22nd 2″-3″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2″ Marshall Ash, 2″-2.5″ Brandywine Crabapple

January 29th 2″ Royal Raindrops Crabapple, 2″ Prairiefire Crabapple, 2″-2.5″ Indian Magic Crabapple, 8′-14′ Canada Red Chokecherry Multi-Stem, 2″-2.5″ Canada Red Chokecherry, 1.75″-2″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2″ Brandywind Crabapple

February 3rd 2″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2″-2.5″ Profusion Crabapple, 2″ Red Baron Crabapple, 2″ Radiant Crabapple, 2″-3″ Nursery Grown Aspen (single and multi-stem)