New Arrivals

The Fall dig season is in full swing. Check here often to see what has come in, or stop by and say hello!

September 1st 6′-8′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, 6.5′-8.5′ Fat Albert Spruce, 6.5′-9′ Totem Spruce, 6.5′-8′ Hoopsi Spruce, 3.25″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 2″-2.25″ Skyline Honeylocust

September 3rd 6′-9′ Ponderosa Pine, 7′-9′ Douglas Fir

September 9th 2.75″-3.25″ Sensation Maple

September 10th 5.5′-7.5′ Piñon Pine

September 12th All todays trees are #25s (approx 2″-2.25″ caliper).  Autumn Blaze Maple, Chanticleer Pear, Spring Snow Crabapple, Canada Red Chokecherry, Prairie Fire Crabapple, Perfect Purple Crabapple

September 13th 6.5′-8.5′ Ponderosa Pine, 6′-10′ White Fir

September 14th 6.5′-8′ Totem Spruce, 6.5′-8′ Hoopsi Spruce, 6′-8′ Fat Albert Spruce, 6′-7′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce

September 17th 6′-12′ Piñon Pine

September 19th #25 Spring Snow Crab, #25 Autumn Blaze Maple, #25 Canada Red Chokecherry, #25 Chanticleer Pear, #25 Aspen both Single Stem and Multi Stem (1.75″-2.25″ caliper)

September 21st 6′-7′ Colorado Spruce, 6′-9′ Ponderosa Pine, 7′-11′ Austrian Pine, 3.25″-3.5″ Autumn Blaze Maple

September 22nd 6′-8′ Piñon Pine

September 23rd 6′-7′ Swiss Mountain Pine

September 26th #30 Autumn Blaze Maple, #15 Autumn Blaze Maple

September 28th 6.5′-9.5′ Totem Spruce, 6.5′-8′ Blue Diamond Spruce, 6.5′-9′ Hoopsi Spruce, 6.5′-8.5′ Bakeri Spruce, 6′-9.5′ Bizon Blue Spruce, 6′-7′ Columnar Mugo Pine, 7′-8′ Arnold Sentinel Austrian Pine, 6′-7′ Oregon Green Austrian Pine

September 29th 6′-7′ Colorado Spruce

October 3rd 7′-7.5′ Vanderwolf Pine, 6′-7′ Fat Albert Spruce, 6′-7′ Baby Blue Spruce

October 6th 3″-2.5″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 6′-8′ Ponderosa Pine, 6′-8′ Austrian Pine, 6′-7′ Colorado Spruce, 6′-7′ Bakeri Spruce, 6′-7′ Fat Albert Spruce

October 8th  6′-10′ Piñon Pine

October 10th 12′ Multi Stem Canada Red Chokecherry, 2″ Prairiefire Crabapple, 1.5″-2.5″ Greenspire Linden, 10′ Hotwings Tartarian Maple Multi Stem, 2″-2.5″ Spring Snow Crabapple, #25 Spring Snow Crabapple, #25 Canada Red Chokecherry, #25 Chanticleer Pear, 6′-12′ Ponderosa Pine

October 11th 11′-17′ Colorado Spruce – limited availability

October 12th 6′-9′ Austrian Pine, #30 Autumn Blaze Maple, #30 Redpointe Maple

October 14th 6′-7.5′ Baby Blue Eyes Spruce

October 15th 7′-10′ Piñon Pine

October 21st 6′-8′ Piñon Pine, 3″-3.25″ Autumn Blaze Maple

October 24th 6′-10′ Ponderosa Pine

November 3rd 6′-9′ Piñon Pine

November 10th 1.5″-3″ Nursery Grown Aspen (Mostly Clumps, some single stem)

November 11th 6′-8′ Piñon Pine, 7′-8′ Fat Albert Spruce, 7′-8′ Bakeri Spruce, 7′-8′ Hoopsi Spruce