New Arrivals

The 2018 dig season is here! We will be getting 1000s of trees. We will post here each day so you can see what has come in. You can also contact us to be placed on our call lists and we will let you know when something has come in.

Jan 15th  2-2.5″ Canada Red Cherry, 2″ Royalty Crabapple, 2.5″ Spring Snow Crabapple

Jan 16th 2″ Autumn Purple Ash, 2″ Aspen Clump, 1.75-2.25″ Canada Red Cherry, 8-12′ Canada Red Cherry Multi Stem, 1.75-2″ Brandywine Crabapple, 1.75-2 Doglo Crab, 2.5″ Royalty Crabapple, 2″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 8-10′ Spring Snow Crabapple, 2-2.5″ Greenspire Crabapple

Jan 17th 1.75″ Autumn Purple Ash, 2″ Cimmaron Ash, 2″ Marshall Ash, 2″ Patmore Ash, 2.5″ Canada Red Cherry, 6′-14′ Canada Red Mult-Stem, 2″ Indian Magic Crab, 1.75″ Perfect Purple Crabapple, 8-10′ Royal Raindrops Multi-Stem, 1.75″-2″ Spring Snow Crabapple, 1.75″ American Sentry Linden, 2-2.5″ Redmond Linden

Feb 5th 6-9′ Baby Blue Spruce

Feb 7th 6-9′ Bably Blue Spruce, 6-9′ Colorado Spruce, 6-10′ Ponderosa Pine, 6-10′ White Fir

Feb 8th 2.25-3″ Autumn Blaze Maple, 2.5-3″ Radiant Crab, 2″ Red Barron Crab

Feb 12th  2-2.25″ Skyline Honeylocust, 1.5-2.5″ Spring Snow Crabapple