It can be difficult to know what to plant.  Use our innovative plant finder tool to find the right plant for the right place in your yard.

Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery LLC is a family owned and operated nursery located in Colorado Springs, CO. We produce, and sell nursery stock that we know will thrive at the elevation, climate, and soils where it will be planted. The plants we produce, and sell, will thrive most anywhere in Colorado, and we can supply plants anywhere in the US. We are both a retail and wholesale nursery.

Other plants will grow in our climate and soils, but we rely on our experience, research, and observations gathered since 1977 to select some of the very best for you! By growing over 98% of our plants in Colorado they are used to our harsh climate. At Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery our selection includes the healthiest, drought tolerant/xeric evergreen trees, deciduous trees, fruit trees, deciduous shrubs, evergreen shrubs, perennials, groundcover, and ornamental grasses that are available. We work closely with our trained Independent Contractors who handles all of your delivery and planting needs. They provide a turnkey planting service that takes the hard work out of planting your trees. Starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving we will have the freshest Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, Christmas tree stands, and accessories to make your Christmas one to remember.

At Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery, we strive to provide you with value, beauty, and peace of mind when you purchase plants from our nursery, or even when you stop by to say hello. We want you to be successful with your plants so they provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and beauty. We also want to provide you with a level of service that seems to get overlooked in this day and age. So if you have time stop by and say hello, come see what sets us apart. Who knows, you might find that perfect tree or plant for your yard. See you soon!

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