About Us

In the spring of 1988, Colorado Tree Farm began a retail branch of our wholesale nursery (founded 1977) at the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs. Until 1999, we called the retail branch of our business Chapel Hills Nursery. Since 2003, both the wholesale and retail nurseries use the name Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery LLC.  Also that year we moved to our current location on Woodmen Road, just east of Powers Blvd., and have also purchased the land directly to our south, so look for expansion!

DSC00574Grandpa and Grandma (Hank and Evelyn) minded the retail store of Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery in the early years, while Dad (Jerry) kept things going both on the wholesale side and producing nursery stock for the retail nursery. Today us “kids” manage the nursery. We were raised in the nursery industry and have helped in growing and handling nursery stock since we were in diapers. We would love to expand our business without losing our family touch, so we are looking for “family-like” outside help. If you are interested in being “adopted,” talk to us.

Our goal here at Heidrich’s Colorado tree farm Nursery is to provide our customers the hardiest, toughest, healthiest plants that we can. In addition we want them to experience customer service that is hard to come by this day and age. We are here to help, so please if you need anything, just ask!

A Little Bit About Each Of Us

DSC005748Levi Heidrich Levi is part owner of Heidirich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery along with Dad, Joel, and Katie.   After graduating from Colorado College in 2002 with a degree in Economics, Levi assumed a full time management role in the nursery. Levi, wife Heather, son Cooper, daughter Piper, along with their three Golden Retrievers live in Faclon. Levi enjoys spending time with his family, camping, shooting (guns and archery) with his brothers, working on his truck, and loves to work in his yard. He says his favorite part about working in the nursery is having a career doing something he loves with his family, and watching everything from the nursery, the plants, and the people that make the nursery what has become, grow.  Levi served on the Southern Chapter ALCC Team for over 10 years, is currently serving on the CNGA Board of Directors, and received the ALCC Outlook Emerging Leader Award in 2014.  Email Levi

DSC005741Katie Heidrich Katie is also part owner of the family nursery. Like her three brothers she also grew up helping anyway that she could. Unlike her brothers, she had no problem getting dirty when the time arose. Katie also graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Anthropology.  She then went on to get her nursing degree (which is nice to have around, ask Joel Levi). After trying the nursing gig for a while, she decided to come back to her roots at Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery. Today Katie keeps everyone in line and makes sure the office is in tip top shape. She lives in Falcon with her husband Rick, and daughters McKenzie, Hailey, and Penny. She loves being a Mom, riding horses, spending time with her family, and is also a pretty good shot with a shotgun! Email Katie

DSC005745Joel Heidrich Joel is the youngest (but not the smallest) of the four siblings, and is also a partner in the nursery. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife April. He lives close to the nursery so he can keep and eye on things during off hours and run irrigation as needed. Joel brings a sense of humor to the nursery that helps during busy times, and has a knack for creating beautiful spaces throughout the nursery. His cooking at company BBQs has become legendary, so keep an eye on our up coming events. Joel enjoys cooking, shooting, fantasy football, shooting with his brothers, and might just be the biggest (no pun intended) University of Kansas basketball fan in Colorado. Rock Chalk!  Joel is currently serving on the Southern Chapter ALCC Team. Email Joel

DSC005744Jerry Heidrich “Dad” Dad is the founder of Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery. His hard work and determination planted firm roots that have allowed the nursery to grow and thrive. We are extremely lucky to have learned from him. Dad is a graduate from KU (maybe why we like the Jayhawks), but before that he played football for the Air Force Academy. He did many things before he settled in Colorado including teaching, coaching, and food service. He grew up in Kansas and enjoyed spending his summers on the family ranch in Oklahoma. He knew someday he wanted to get back into agriculture and from there he ended up in the nursery business. Today dad is retired, which means he only works 50 hours a week instead of 80-90. If you have bought a Pinon or Ponderosa Pine in the last 35 years, there is a very good chance he dug it. He still stops by the nursery to make sure we are doing things right, and to fix the equipment Levi Joel have messed with. He enjoys his time off by spending it with his family, and enjoying his five grandchildren. He also loves to read, attend local music concerts, shoot, watch movies, and is a darn good cook. If you ever get a chance to eat his fried chicken you are in for a real treat!  Email Jerry

DSC005742Grandma and Grandpa (Hank & Evelyn) Grandma and Grandpa ran the retail nursery at The Chapel Hills Mall in the 80s and early 90s. They would travel from their home in KS and stay here during the busy spring and summer months. Today we still have customers that remember buying trees from them at the mall. Grandma passed six years ago this spring, and we are very sad to say that Grandpa passed away in 2013. They both will be missed dearly and we are very lucky to have had them for as long as we did. They instilled their values in their family, and if there were more people like them today the world we live in would be a much better place. We love and miss them both.

DSC005746Justin and Kortni Bird Justin also known as J. Bird or Juice, will be spending his 5th year at the Nursery. One cold February day he came looking for a job. Today he is wandering what he got himself into. Justin has grown leaps and bounds and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We get many compliments each year about his customer service. Justin and his wife Kortni along with their new baby girl live in Colorado Springs. Justin likes to read, play video games, and is a pet lover. We are very lucky to have someone as loyal as Justin. He has never been late, called in sick, or missed one day of work! Justin does a little of everything at the nursery, and also helps Levi and Joel break equipment so Dad has something to do in his spare time.  In 2014 Justin volunteered his wife Kortni to work at the nursery too.   Kortni spent a season working for a neighboring perennial grower so she brings some insight to the table with perennials.   She is also a great waterer and helps Katie in the office.  Email Justin

TimDSC005749 and Wendy Beery They both might as well change their last name to Heidrich. In 2003, right after we opened the new location, they were in the nursery shopping for trees. Somehow Wendy never left and will spend her 13th year at the nursery in 2016. On busy weekends you will see them both as Tim loves to work with people. We are very grateful to have them as part of our family, you won’t find nicer people anywhere. They live in Falcon, and have one of the nicest yards in the area (Not sure where they got all their trees and shrubs?). Wendy is also a Christmas guru. Make it a point to drive by their house during Christmas time as they put the Griswalds to shame!  Wendy does not use Email!